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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about traveling to Venezuela.

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General Questions:

Q: If I purchase airline tickets, how will I receive my tickets from Venaven?
A: Airline tickets are all electronic.  With the purchase of the tickets, you will receive by email, the itinerary as confirmed by the airline, with the airline locator and e-ticket number, and the exact amount charged to your credit card.  If you have a frequent flyer account with the airline, you will be able to view, and manage your ticket online via your account on the airline web page.

Q: When will I receive my tour documents from Venaven?
A: You will receive your e-documents with final instructions, hotel, sightseeing tours, transfer vouchers, and e-tickets approximately 3 weeks prior to departure. The detailed daily itinerary will be given to you upon arrival by your tour guide.

Q: How much should I tip in Venezuela?
A: This is a matter of personal discretion. You may use the following as a guideline:

  • Tour escort/Tour director: $5 or $6 per person per day
  • Driver: $3 per person per day
  • Local Guide: $2 per person per half day of sightseeing (2-3 hours)
  • Cruises: $6 or $7 per person per day
  • Tour escort/Tour director (small groups of 2-14 passengers): $10-$15 per person per day
  • Driver (small groups of 2-14 passengers): $5 per person per day
  • Local Guide (small groups of 2-14 passengers): $5 per person
  • Hotel Porter: $1 per bag
  • Wait staff: 10% of check 


Q: Can I request certain seats on the plane?
A: Seats are assigned by Venaven air department as a courtesy at time of ticketing. If you have special requests, please call the airline directly after receiving your airline tickets. Please note that the airline can change your seats at any time.

Q: How many pieces of luggage can I bring with me?
A: Each tour/cruise member is limited to one large suitcase and small carry-on bag due to limited space on our buses, mini-busses, vans and private cars with driver. The airlines are charging extra fees for checked luggage exceeding 60" (calculated by adding the width + height + depth). The luggage should not weigh more than 44 lbs. Carry on bag should not exceed 45 inches total and no more than 11 lbs.

Q: Is smoking allowed on the Venaven Tours buses?
A: There is a no smoking policy on our buses but there are plenty of opportunities to smoke during the frequent stops.

Q: What are the airline restrictions on bottles and containers?
A: All containers for gels, liquids and aerosols must be 3-oz. or smaller and placed in a clear plastic bag. Each traveler is limited to one quart-size plastic bag which must be placed in your carry-on baggage. For a more in-depth description of these and other travel restrictions (including prescription medications), please visit

Reservations and Travel Documentation:

Q: Do I need travel insurance?
A: We strongly suggest that you purchase our traveler's insurance with Travel Guard. It is very important that you protect yourself in case of trip cancellation/interruption, travel/baggage delay or loss of baggage and medical expenses.

Q: What documents will I need to travel to Venezuela?
A: United States citizens require a valid passport. Non-citizens have other requirements which should be checked immediately. U.S. citizens do not require visas for entry into Venezuela. Non-citizens are urged to contact the Venezuelan consulate for entry requirements.  For the list of countries, whose citizens DO NOT require visa to travel to Venezuela please visit the Venezuela Embasy site for visa.

Vaccinations are not required by anyone. Your first and last name must appear on your airline ticket exactly as it appears on your passport.  For more information, visit the Venezuelan Embasy website at

Q: How much of a deposit is required to book a tour?
A: A $300.00 per person deposit is required within 10 business days of booking unless specified otherwise on your tour, cruise, vacation package or honeymoon. If obtaining the optional insurance, it must be purchased no later than 7-day from the time of deposit.

Q: When is my final payment due?
A: Final Payment is due 90 days prior to departure.

Q: What type of payments do you accept?
A: We accept checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover & American Express.

Traveling to Venezuela:

Q: Do I need to bring an adaptor with me for any appliances?
A: No. Venezuela has the same power and plug specifications as the United States.  The electrical current in Venezuela is 110 volts. Wall outlets take plugs with two straight parallel prongs.

Q: What is the currency in Venezuela?
A: Bolivar Fuerte (BsF) is the official currency in Venezuela.

Q: What is the best way to exchange money?
A: Bolivar Fuerte is a controlled currency, so you will only be able to exchange money once you have arrived in Venezuela. The exchange rate has been fixed, since February of 2003, at BsF2.15 to US$1. It is a good idea to carry a chart with you to help you convert U.S. dollars to the local currency. It's also a good idea not to carry too much money. Venezuela have ATM machines that accept most U.S. ATM cards, but be sure you know your ATM password in numbers-the keypads on Venezuelan ATMs don't always have letters. ATM machines will only dispense cash in local currency. Use your credit card whenever possible. Should you decide to carry cash or travelers checks, exchange them at banks, where the rate is more favorable than at hotels or exchange bureaus.

Q: What kind of clothing should I bring with me?
A: Comfortable casual clothing is recommended; the same as you would wear on a sightseeing trip in the U.S. The only time you'll want to "dress up" a bit is at the Gala dinner. Sports jacket for men is suggested; ties are not required. Please note that there are dress codes in most churches in Venezuela: no bare shoulders or knees.

Q: Who should I contact in an emergency while in Venezuela?
A: General emergency number is 911.

Q: What language do people speak in Venezuela?
A: Spanish is the local language, or Castellano as it is called in Venezuela. English-speakers can be found in large urban center. Otherwise, English is not spoken nor understood.

Q: What is the weather like in Venezuela?
A: Venezuela is close to the equator, so average temperatures vary little throughout the year.  They do, however, change with altitude, dropping about 42ºF with every 3000ft increase. Since over 90% of Venezuela lies below 3000ft, you'll experience temperatures between 70ºF and 85ºF in most places. The Andean and coastal mountain ranges have more moderate temperatures.

Q: What is the code of conduct in Venezuela?
A: Shaking hands is a standard form of greeting and saying goodbye. For close acquaintences, a light kiss on the left cheek is the norm. Casual dress is appropriate and normal courtesies should be observed. Smoking is prohibited on public transportation and in theaters and public offices.

Q: What are the holidays in Venezuela?

 January 1  Año Nuevo  New Year
 January 6  Día de Reyes  Epiphany
   Carnaval  Carnival
 Week before Easter  Semana Santa  Holy Week
 March 19  Día de San José  Saint Josephs Day
 April 19  19 de Abril  Begining of
 Independence Movement
 May 1  Día del Trabajador  Labor Day
 Jun 24  Batalla de Carabobo  Battle of 
 July 5  Día de la Independencia  Independence Day
 July 25  Natalicio del Libertador  Birth of Simón Bolivar
 October 12  Día de la Resistencia Indígena  Day of Indigenous Resistance
 November 1  Día de Todos los Santos  All Saints Day
 November 17,18,19  Feria de la Chinita  Feria of La Chinita
 December 24  Nochebuena  Christmas Eve
 December 25  Navidad  Christmas Day
 December 31  Nochevieja  New Years Eve


Q: What should I do if my transfer from airport to hotel is delayed?
A: Due to local traffic and other extenuating circumstances, we ask that you allow 30 minutes from your scheduled transfer time for our representative to arrive. This includes hotel, airport and cruise transfers. Such possible delays are taken into consideration in scheduling transfers and you should therefore have no concerns about arriving late for your tour, flight or cruise. For transfers from a hotel, let the hotel reception desk or concierge know that you are waiting for a transfer. In the case of a missed transfer, reimbursement for your out-of-pocket expenses will be considered provided you obtain a written statement from the hotel's front desk verifying the length of time you waited, and the time you left the hotel, and a receipt for your transportation with time and date.

Q: What is the hotel check in and check out time?
A: Check-in time is usually 4pm or later. Check-out time is 11 am. If you will be arriving early in the day or departing in the evening, hotels will usually allow you to store your luggage in their luggage room. Ask at the front desk if the hotel can check you in earlier, or let you stay later.  

Q: How do I call the U.S. from Venezuela?
A: To call the United States from Venezuela, you must dial 001 + area code + phone number.

Q: How do I call Venezuela from the United States?
A: To call Venezuela from the United States, you must dial 011 + 58 + area code + phone number.

Q: How much do I have to pay for airport taxes?
A: Your ticket will include all taxes at the time of purchase, including Venezuelan airport taxes.  However, in the event the airport taxes are increased between the time you purchased your tickets and the departure date, you will need to pay the difference. The airport taxes in Venezuela do change according to the Tributary Unit (TU). The current value of (1) TU is BsF65 or $15.12. For international flights, the airport tax is 2.50TU, which equals BsF162.50 or $37.79.  For Venezuela domestic flights, the airport tax is ½ TU, which is the same that Bsf. 32.50 or $7.56.

Q: How much luggage can I take with me on a domestic flight?
A: Here are the allowances based on airlines (1 Kg ~ 2 lbs)
Laser: 40 Kg per passenge.
Aeropostal: 32 kg per passenger.
Acerca: 30 Kg per passenger.
Rutaca: 30 Kg per passenger (in the flights to Canaima, Ciudad Bolívar y Puerto Ordaz, you can take just 15 kg per passenger).
Avior: 20 Kg per passenger. 

On Los Roques flights, you can take just a maximum of 10 kilos per passenger. Depending of the number of passengers on the flight, the airlines may allow you extra weight, for an additional fee. However, if the flight is full you will not be allowed to carry any additional weigth.

Q: What are the top destinations?
A: El Salto Angel: Highest waterfall of the world.
Canaima: Nature reserve where El Salto Angel is located
Los Roques: Marvellous archipelago
Margarita Island : Bead of the Caribbean

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